We are committed to enhancing your Reputation as a Business of Choice!

What We Do:
We guide you in transforming your business and excelling. We focus on assisting you to exceed expectations and to craft that memorable Customer Experience, shifting the paradigm to Customer-centered, thereby improving your Brand and Performance. We filter our recommendations through the prism of Hospitality, emphasizing care, attention to detail, respect, style and directed, high level service deliverables.

We primarily serve Retail (lodgings, restaurants, gaming, attractions, stores, call centers and the like) — all businesses which "touch" a Customer, in addition to the Community Market in which they reside. Also, we assist related industries, such as health care and financial services, where Customer Service requirements are essential.

Our goal is to help you assess resources, realign process, people and products, and then to compete with advantage, marketing your achievement to a discerning Consumer.
Hospitality Review Program, Quality Experience Designation, Guest Check, and Consulting Services

Who We Are:
We are Hotel, Restaurant and Retail experts, providing practical solutions and sound strategies for your realities and challenges.

Why We Do It:
We believe that Remarkable Service is the portal to a memorable Customer Experience. Standards are in question, and Consumers are dissatisfied. They are smarter, more cynical and wary. Measurement, validation, and delivery secure your reputation as a Consumer-driven Business Destination, engaging your Guests, Patrons, Fans, Visitors, and Subscribers (all are CUSTOMERS), responding to their expectations, gaining their loyalty and marketing that distinction. We shall guide you into an Era where experiences, dreams and memories are what make the Brand.

The Seals will result in increased business, because Guests understand that:

  • You have undergone a rigorous Inspection Process, being held to measureable Standards of Excellence;
  • Your Quality Performance has been certified; and
  • Their expectations of a memorable experience will be met.

The Seals are a bona fide "stamp of approval".

"Our Mission is to assist Businesses to improve their Service, enhance their Product(s), polish their Image and become more profitable. Your success is measured through the positive Customer Experience."

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