We began our quest several years ago marketing Quality Assurance Programs. In these initial stages, Catherine Arthur and Donal A. Dermody, Cornell Professor Emeritus, were invaluable. Don Dermody, in particular, was instrumental in establishing the high standards for Hospitality Excellence. Our business model quickly evolved into a more strategic Hospitality equation with QA still an essential foundation but addressing further support components, directed to better managing the Guest Experience, framing the expectations, creating real value, and then marketing that uniqueness. Our programs and services have established a higher level of performance, translating into significant sources off revenue and profit for the Hospitality operator, a reliable source for the Consumer, and a positive impact for a Destination area's marketability. "REMARKABLE HOSPITALITY" embraced our heightened commitment to excellence.

This Credo impacts every exchange you have with your Guest or Visitor, where a Hospitality provider must demonstrate that he/she will care for them, attend to their needs and that their business and concerns are valued. The relationship must be validated through research. The mix of product, service, and personnel must be assessed and realigned, resulting in standards and measurement capability. Guest-centric delivery must be implemented in a consistent fashion, where Guest Satisfaction becomes the only Performance yardstick! And, you must be prepared to reward those employees who excel with this Value Proposition. This is what your BRAND can represent and what we plan to help you achieve.

We serve Hospitality businesses who seek an opportunity to expand their desirability as a Destination of Choice, validated by providing a memorable product/service. Currently we have Clients throughout the East, Canada and the Caribbean, and we fully expect to operate on an even larger plateau.

  • We do not require Membership Dues or Initiation Fees.
  • We will not solicit advertising from our Clients.
  • You will not be overwhelmed with a useless barrage of marketing or product merchandising.

The stated goal of Hospitality Performance is to assist our Clients in achieving a level of excellence with their operations, thereby providing the Consumer with a reliable resource to make an informed decision about where to stay, to dine, recreate and shop. All parties benefit!

Special Recognition:

We would like to thank the University of New Hampshire's School of Hospitality Management for their assistance with our "launch" of HP. Under the aegis of Chair, Raymond Goodman, PhD., the Hospitality Marketing class addressed several Marketing challenges for us, including Market Research, Product Assumptions, Pricing Sensitivities, and Competitive Analysis, culminating into a Marketing Plan. The class effort was directed by Professor Dina Zemke, PhD. We applaud the high level of attention and energy, as well as the quality of their teamwork and project results.

"A Hospitality Review, supported by a Feedback Mechanism from former Guests, and presented to the Consumer as a Destination of Quality."

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