This is Our "Private Label" Signature Designation, where our Assessment, borrowing from the Latin, "which is to be demonstrated", will determine whether or not a Property will deserve a Quality Experience Designation. We evaluate key acceptable hospitality standards, reviewing the condition of the property, the impact of guest contact and the delivery of service/product. This Program may be used by Organizations or Independents.

The Format and Criteria for the Assessment does allow for customization, the inclusion of proprietary Standards by the Participants, i.e., Time Elements, Specific Operational Requirements, definitive Service Expectations, required Supplies, etc. QED is intended to allow for more "Tailored-made", Property Specific Assessments. Many of our Clients use this program specifically to benchmark their amenities, particularly as they plan for an upgrade in level of service and product or merely to ascertain a competitive stance with Guest Expectations in their market. Our pricing is competitive based upon the type, size and scope of the hospitality operation.



Normally, there is a Planning Meeting with the Client to discuss the Specifics of the Program, any special Requirements, and to determine how the Program will be Introduced to the Designated Audience. A potential Schedule is determined and a Client Contact Person established as Liaison between the Assessment Team and the Property. The Participants are usually given a definite Time Period when the Assessments shall occur.

Typically unannounced, the Assessment Team performs the Inspection, using our formatted Inspection Criteria. At an appropriate point during the exercise, they will make themselves known to Management.

Clients are provided the Quantitative Results of the Assessment, as well as the actual Inspection Form used. They receive Recommendations for Improvement as well.

Achieving a successful Assessment, the property has "earned" the seal. Additionally, the Quality Experience Designation will be used for Marketing, in Print or on the Internet.

As the Success for any Program requires Continuous Improvement and Evaluation, Participants will typically undergo Assessments either annually or bi-annually.


We have comprised a Professional Team to perform the Assessment Reviews. Their Credentials reflect exposure to Hospitality, either as Operators, Providers to the Industry, or high-end Consumers themselves. All will utilize the approved Assessment Tools which we have designed. Team Members reside in every region we serve.

"Assurance that Hospitality-related Businesses represent consistent and predictable Quality Standards."

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