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As a Destination Business, you know it is all about staying ahead of the curve. The best operations validate their status, because they measure their performance. The most successful businesses stay that way because they make sure their customers know just how good they are. The rest of the world is just trying to hold on. Many won't make it. Where are you on this curve?

HP gives you a double-edged sword to improve your destination business(es) with increased sales and a more frequent, loyal guest.

Consulting Services
To thrive you must better engage your Guest and "make the leap" from merely doing the Brand to being the Brand. This is a paradigm shift in philosophy, your operations and your involvement. The Visitor Experience differentiates you and makes you distinctive in the marketplace. We will help you make that transformation and establish a new strategic performance equation. more-->

Hospitalty Assurance

HP offers comprehensive reviews of the public and private sectors of a Destination area (from airports, to transports, to Hospitality businesses), using qualified Consultants to measure your performance as it relates to a memorable visit and experience. We understand that a Destination Sum is only as good as the Components.

That review may be transformed for individual properties into a Quality Designation Seal, which any Customer can trust. HP's Hospitality Products and Services help you acquire such power.


  • Your Destination Area's performance and delivery on the Visitor Experience is verified through a vigorous Inspection and Assessment Process of local businesses and services.
  • Builds and enhances a more desirable destination for the Consumer, who is concerned about cleanliness, safety, security, service, and physical condition of a Destination's stakeholders. You deliver the experience the guest expects.

“Your company's timely and accurate information continues to play a key role in helping provide top class guest services at a diverse number of hotels and benefits their continued growth. Knowing that you and your staff are available as "trusted and capable advisors" is a great reward to any Inn or Hotel.”

—The Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa

  • Establishes your property/business as a Quality Experience Destination. It gives you a "competitive edge" to leverage your Marketing dollars. QED provides the savvy Consumer additional impetus to make a Reservation and enjoy your unique Hospitality Experience.

“Your Team did an excellent job. The analysis your Firm provided is both thorough and detailed. This has been a worthwhile Program, which has provided us with a great tool to work towards improving the level of service provided to our clients.”

—John K. Reyelt, President/CEO,
Yachtsman Timeshare Resort,
Myrtle Beach, SC

Guest Check
  • "Feedback Mechanisms" allow you to strive for Continual Improvement and Guest Satisfaction.

Forum for Excellence:
Seminars and Workshops Emphasizing ROI

The Forum provides the "cutting Edge" platform for Operators and Staff to apply Best Practices to improve their Operations, their Service Standards, and Marketing Efforts. more-->

"Our Mission is to assist Hospitality-related Businesses to improve their Product, polish their Image and become more Profitable."

Consulting Services

Hospitality Review Program

Quality Experience Designation

Guest Check

Forum for Excellence

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