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TONY CASTRO, a thirty year veteran in Hospitality, brings his unique skills to any forum and audience. Particularly, his assignments over the years with Marriott (Corporate Director of Human Resources, General Manager, and Restaurant Manager) in addition to Consulting work with many other Hospitality concerns provide a unique fluidity, expertise and perspective to meet educational needs. He is also recognized as a Certified Trainer by both Homestead Studio Suites Hotels and Wyndham Hotels. A firm believer that learning should be enjoyable, he designed, developed and facilitated an interactive Effective Employee Relations/Union Avoidance program, which has been successfully presented to line level management and supervisory staffs. A graduate of the Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, Tony provides the added dimension of Training and Development programs delivered in Spanish.

SUSAN SWANSON, the founder of "Create", a Consulting Firm, brings a new dimension to Organizational Development with her emphasis on Innovation in the work and market place. She skillfully facilitates the change paradigm, utilizing Creativity and the Creative Problem Solving process to attain company goals and align product, service and business processes for success. Creative energies are mobilized by transforming personal images and metaphors into new ideas, actually culminating in Best Practices for the Future. She has worked with universities, professional associations and Fortune 500 audiences.

Susan graduated from Trinity University and holds a Masters Degree from Lesley University in Expressive Arts Therapy. Her thesis was "The Psychodynamic of the Creative Personality". A nationally recognized artist, she also has a private Therapy practice, helping children and adults express themselves through various non-verbal mediums.

Susan understands the process to tap that energy and brilliance within everyone, no matter their sphere of influence, discipline or type of business. She will help your Organization journey past skepticism, embrace change and innovation and commit to excellence.

PETER HUGHES is president of High Performance Leadership, providing management education, organizational development, and focus on creating outstanding leadership behaviors within the organization.

He has designed and implemented Program curricula addressing leadership development, team building, process reengineering, new product development, customer satisfaction, total quality, Hospitality and building a more positive culture.

Peter's education includes a master's degree in education specializing in management and organizational development from Antioch University, with undergraduate studies at Temple University. He is the past winner of the Johnson & Johnson Company's Claude V. Swank Manufacturing Excellence Award for outstanding performance in the areas of quality, cost, and productivity. He is also the recipient of three Presidential Commendations from President Ronald Reagan's Committee on the Employment of Disabled Youth.

Peter has been affiliated with Cambridge College for the past ten years and is a senior faculty member teaching graduate level courses and seminars. He also is an ad hoc faculty member at the University of New Hampshire's Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Peter brings to his audiences enthusiasm, passion, a belief in peoples' potential, and a commitment to help his clients achieve a higher level of success.

BRECCA LOH, principal of Cobalt Strategic Partners, is a communications specialist, leadership and development teacher, as well as an organizational development expert.

She is dedicated to improving organizational performance through maximizing the potential of client employees. An avid believer in viewing 'human capital' as one of the strongest assets of an organization, she understands that behavior and attitude impact culture. Her teachings are dedicated to systematically developing and correlating that asset into measurable, tangible increases in service, productivity and profitability.

Brecca received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Trinity College, a Master of Arts in Education from Saint Joseph College and studied Cognition and Instructional Design in a Ph.D. program at the University of Connecticut. In her doctoral program, she co-authored and published research studies in instructional methodology and performance learning strategies. She presented her findings before the Northeastern Educational Research Association and the New England Educational Research Organization.

Brecca specializes in Emotional Intelligence and received her certification using the Goleman model of performance. She also received her professional trainer certificate from The American Society of Training and Development. With exceptional speaking skills, she effectively engages and educates her audiences through her passion, integrity, and results driven delivery.

JOHN R. LABRUZZO, CHA, was introduced to Hospitality through the Culinary Arts as a busboy at Brennans Restaurant in New Orleans and then a cook's apprentice at the Royal Orleans Hotel. His thirty year career has led to the highest levels in Hospitality with hotels, resorts and property managemnent concerns. His entrepreneurial and intuitive management style has created Brand Value and profitability for all his clients.

John's enthusiastic delivery and down-to-earth approach is ideally suited for all types of business groups from front line employees to top management. His style reflects professional experience as a former Senior Hotel Executive, allowing him to address operations, sales and marketing, finance and Human Resources issues and topics.

He is an expert on the dynamics of "Brand In-culturation", which takes that Brand promise, translated into sustainable programs and techniques at the operating level, leading to substantial results.

John holds a BA from Southeastern Louisiana State University and attended the Graduate School of Business at Loyola.

"We help Hospitality-related Businesses better define and market their Business as a Destination of Choice."

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