Seminars and Workshops Emphasizing ROI

HP is dedicated to provide Training and Development Programs to the Hospitality Industry, as well as retail and health care, always promoting "best practices" to emphasize continuous improvement in order to deliver optimal performance in three arenas:

  • Marketing/Branding
  • Operations
  • Service

And, encourage attention to another:

  • Innovation

Please familiarize yourself with our talented Consultant's background and expertise.

We are prepared to address Client needs with established programs or work with you to design tailor-made, need-specific programs. You may wish to consider us your Organization's own Virtual Training Department. Use us when you need us, and we provide all the support, including program design and facilitation. The relationship is essentially transparent to the Organization, yet your employees will see this as a value added benefit. Program costs vary, based upon program length and materials. We also have the capability to deliver Staff Training Programs in Spanish. Examples from our portfolio include:


We are in the "Guest Experience" business, regardless of the size or type of operation. Our team of professionals will deliver innovative strategies and techniques to elevate your Brand and business, resulting in increased Profitability and Consumer Satisfaction. Your audience will be educated, entertained and invigorated! Consider the following Programs:

Program #1: Performance, People, Principles and Passion — a New Way of Branding for the 21st Century

Program #2: The Who, Why, Where, What & How of WOW: Branding & Hospitality in the Experience Era

Program #3: Wall to Wall Marketing: 10 GEMS to build a Memorable Retail Experience

Program #4: Taking your Show on the Road! Neighborhood Marketing Strategies in the Experience Era

Program #5: Know Thy Audience a Thyself! Build a Unique, Branded Retail Experience with Smart, Affordable Research


Creativity moves our product, service, staff and operation forward. Unleash the energy, tap the recessed brilliance, redirect the usual thought and harness the resulting creativity. This renewed spirit and approach will advantage your posture in the marketplace, for innovation defines leaders. You cannot afford to stand still! We have several programs ready to go:

Creativity Workshop #1: The Creative Breakthrough

Creativity Workshop #2: Making Creativity Your Mission


A meaningful Service orientation creates the relationship — your response of care, concern, attention, empathy, action and value. This "attitude" permeates and affects any "transaction" we have with our patrons. The unique Hospitality perspective has application across many industries. In this Segment, we emphasize Quality Performance Standards with programs which address improved Employee Selection (recruiting, orientation), On the Job Skills Training, Evaluation of Performance, and How to Reward Performance (Pay for Performance, Recognition, and Retention). Other critical programs address Communication, Management Techniques and Employee Relations.

We offer several training modules:

  • Customer Service 101

    12 Steps to Excellent Service; the Good, Bad, and Ugly Service Experiences; Professional and Unprofessional Responses; and Listening Skills for responding to Customer needs and concerns.

  • Your Interpersonal Style and Customer Interactions — Work Style Strengths and Limitations when Dealing with Customers

    The participants will complete a Personal Profile (DISC). The Workshop then assists them to better understand their Interpersonal Style and approach when dealing with Customers. The Program also helps participants profile their Customer's style and to adapt strategies to improve those Customer interactions.

  • The Housekeeping Experience through the Guest's Eyes

    Combining classroom and an actual guest room, as a laboratory, housekeeping staff are given a unique perspective and understanding of their critical role.

  • Turning a Transaction into a Relationship

    Our success is shaped by the Relationships we establish, the Expectations we meet, the Senses we touch, and the Behaviors and Emotions we manage. We share the wealth of this process.


Typically, our Programs are directed to improve Management Techniques in your Systems Approach: how to better utilize and manage your People, your Property, your overall Business.

Our Curriculum demonstrates existing training modules — ready to go and be presented — and they feature our approach to Management Development, Supervisory Skills and Organizational Effectiveness. Most last half a day and are very reasonably priced.

Team Based:

  • Team Development for Project Teams, Creating Focus and Effectiveness
  • Creating High Performing Teams
  • Goal Setting
  • Project Teams 360 Assessment and Positive Planning

Management Techniques:

  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict
  • Thinking Outside the Box (Breakthrough Thinking)
  • Coaching Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Commitment to Action
  • Managing Difficult Employees
  • Remaining Non-Union

Management Development:

  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Hospitality Leadership Institute (one week)
  • Understanding Your Latin Colleagues:
    "The Influx, How to Motivate and Encourage Them, and How To Include them in your Team." This one hour presentation is an educational and practical "how to" seminar from which anyone with a significant number of Hispanics in their workforce could benefit.

Our Senior Colleagues:

Effective Trainers and Presenters have that confident style, easy delivery, comfort with their material, always learning new techniques, interacting with their audience, and bringing them to a new level of understanding and motivation. Our Professionals will address your training/development/educational needs, no matter the size, venue or make-up of your constituencies. Please familiarize yourself with their background and expertise.

"We help Hospitality-related Businesses better define and market their Business as a Destination of Choice."

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