Program #1: Performance, People, Principles and Passion — a New Way of Branding for the 21st Century

Program #2: The Who, Why, Where, What & How of WOW: Branding & Hospitality in the Experience Era

Program #3: Wall to Wall Marketing: 10 GEMS to build a Memorable Retail Experience

Program #4: Taking your Show on the Road! Neighborhood Marketing Strategies in the Experience Era

Program #5: Know Thy Audience a Thyself! Build a Unique, Branded Retail Experience with Smart, Affordable Research

Creativity Workshop #1: The Creative Breakthrough

Creativity Workshop #2: Making Creativity Your Mission

Program #1
Performance, People, Principles and Passion: a New Way of Branding for the 21st Century

The world of branding seems mysterious. What makes one brand succeed and another, of apparent equal quality, fail? One thing is for certain. Brands almost never sell what they purport and the best, most successful brands have zeroed in on the non-logical centers of the brain and taken up permanent residence by appealing to the consumer's feelings and fantasies.

So what's a brand to do? Start with the recognition that service and product quality are mere entry points, not the end all of a great brand. A great brand involves much more in the Experience Era. There are many parts to successful branding in the 21st Century. And most of them start with "P":

The Performance: Branding is Theater and a successful brand must create a powerful story that is enacted as a 5 sense stimulating, 3 dimensional experience. What's your show like? Does it do all it can to be memorable?

The People: Your people are your actors. They determine your success. Do they understand what you're about? Can they tell your story?

The Principles: Everything starts with 'what gets you out of bed in the morning'. Mission Statements and lists of values are ok, but the best way to motivate the players is to make it personal to you. What do you stand for? Can you say it without having to pull out a written document?

The Passion: From great principles comes the passion to excel. Without passion, the story won't take flight. How do you get pumped up? How do you communicate your passion to others? That's the trick.

The Position: Everything starts with the consumer. Your brand is what they think it is, so it behooves you to find a way to penetrate their brain's defenses and embed your brand in the amygdala - the part of the brain devoted to feeling and desire. Positioning is the 'arrow' you shoot. Where does your brand reside?

The Promise: What can the consumer expect? What do your actors depict? What does your physical environment or service process provide? What does your marketing promise? Whatever it is, they all had better be in alignment.

The Production Elements & Props: Most brands have some physical manifestation. Every story has its set and props that support your actors ability to tell it. What does your set and props look like? Do they do the job?

The Price: What are you worth? How much can you charge? In the Experience Era, experiences are worth more.

The Promotion: What works best to goose up the energy of your business? How do you devise great, creative promotions?

The Performance Reviews: How do you evaluate your performance? That of your actors? How does your guest tell you what they feel? Is it the most effective it can be?

The audience take-aways include:

  • 10 key lessons on how to build your brand and your business for the long term
  • "Putting a Sword In the Sand": How to 'Talk' powerfully, then 'Walk' it.
  • Secrets for getting through to consumers sick of marketing
  • The one thing you must not forget in order to avoid 'Brand Disaster'

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Program #2
The Who, Why, Where, What & How of WOW: Branding & Hospitality in the Experience Era

WOW is where it is at. To excel in today's marketplace and simply stay competitive in tomorrow's, WOW is the standard for performance that gives the consumer a powerful memory of their retail experience and a compelling reason to return. There are potent societal trends at work in support of the need for WOW:

  • The hunger for a customized buying experience
  • The need for personal acknowledgment and engagement
  • The increase of rudeness, cynicism and general paranoia

WOW is not logical, but lights up the part of the brain related to feelings. A WOW brand that successfully enters that part of the brain will withstand competitive pressures lesser brands cannot.

Studies have proven that customer satisfaction is no guarantee of loyalty, that as many as 60 to 80% of 'very satisfied' consumers defect to a competitor. Even looking to exceed a guest's expectations is a shaky standard, when our retail experiences have become so disappointing. It's not hard to exceed mediocrity.

For any business to be willing to tackle WOW, they need to understand its components: Who, Why, Where, What & How. The answers to these questions provide the reason to risk comfort and status quo.

The audience take-aways include:

  • The cultural trends affecting the hospitality landscape which make a WOW strategy " a must, not a maybe".
  • The power of your personal story in creating an enduring brand and company culture.
  • What a brand is, what makes one great and another average and the ways to discover your own "unique brand personality".
  • How to "cast you staff of actors" to present your brand experience in a way the guest will never forget.
  • How to create effective methods of marketing to your current guests that guarantees life long loyalty as you exceed their hopes, not just their expectations.

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Program #3
Wall to Wall Marketing: 10 GEMS to Build a Memorable Retail Experience

Consumers want brands today. Great brands provide a memorable retail experience rather than mere product and service and customers are willing to pay more for it. Retailers possess the two most potent marketing tools available: a retail experience they create and manage, and current customers who like their concept.

We are in the 'Show' business, where we can orchestrate every moment of the guest's visit to provide a memorable, branded experience. It produces 'Raving Fans' who become your best kind of advertising.

10 Guest Experience Marketing Strategies (GEMS™) are taught, offering a step-by-step method to define, create and communicate a branded retail experience.

Brands succeed because they establish an emotional bond with the customer. The quality and life-span of that bond depends on the quality of the experience- an experience that must be delivered over and over again with excellence.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • How to understand and take advantage of the current social & cultural trends.
  • How to create a powerful brand. Learn what a brand is, what makes one great and another average and the ways to discover your own "unique brand personality".
  • 10 "Guest Experience Marketing Strategies" to build an indelible guest experience that will endure in the guest's memory and bring them back .
  • The way to create a compelling 'story' around your experience that communicates to staff and guest alike who you are and why they should care.
  • 10 effective methods of marketing to your current guests that makes them 'Raving fans', increasing their frequency and bringing in new customers, to boot.

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Program #4
Taking Your Show on the Road! "Neighborhood Marketing Strategies in the Experience Era"

Local store marketing is the kind of activity that seems like a good idea to operators, but is always difficult to do. Yet, the most successful retailers are often the ones with the most effective outreach into the community.

Unlike traditional advertising, great Neighborhood Marketing relies on making a connection to people and creating relationships. This 'Farming' approach to business building makes real the old adage, "Give a man a fish and he'll feed himself tonight. Teach a man to fish and he'll feed a community for years to come."

Why is the 'Farming' paradigm so powerful?

  • Current guests know who you are and what you do.
  • They have already shown a pre-disposition to like you.
  • Their familiarity with who you are and the way you do business makes them far more cost effective to serve.
  • They generate word-of-mouth validation.
  • They are potential ambassadors when motivated.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • How to create dynamite Neighborhood Marketing program that is an extension of 'Your Show'.
  • How to transform the relationships with your current guest, staff and vendors so they become your Neighborhood Ambassadors.
  • How to map out an effective, targeted game plan to best leverage limited resources to maximum effect in your trading area.
  • How to ask for help.
  • How to create a promotional calendar that expresses your unique 'you-ness' and drives sales.
  • How to choose the neighborhood activities, charities and sponsored relationships that work best for you and your community.
  • How to choose the right advertising medium and the right message.

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Program #5
Know Thy Audience as Thyself! Build a Unique, Branded Retail Experience with Smart, Affordable Research

How do you improve the odds of success? By doing the necessary digging to understand the needs, expectations, likes, dislikes and disposition of your key constituents: your guests, your staff and yourself. The only way to do it is to do research.

Learn how to use the various tools available to uncover both the way your guests behave and why. Understand the emotional triggers and 'hot buttons' which motivate them. Focus your efforts against the customers and day parts most likely to produce the greatest sales and profits.

  • Why is Research so important?
  • You reduce your chances of failure with programs and new initiatives
  • You target the right customers
  • You reinforce the most powerful attributes of your business
  • You create a unique branded position

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • How to decide on which type of research to choose: Focus Groups? Mystery Shops? Quality Assurance Audits? Exit Interviews?
  • How determine which guests produce the greatest ROI.
  • How to transform guest's feelings into powerful branded experiences.
  • How to translate 'data' into sales building 'wisdom'.
  • How to transform your values into a powerful 'play'.
  • How to train and motivate your staff by understanding their Point of View.
  • How to target the right parts of your business with the right amount of effort and resources to get the biggest 'bang for the buck'.

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Creativity Workshop #1:
The Creative Breakthrough

In this session participants will explore their creative powers and learn to exercise the latest problem-solving techniques for creative breakthroughs. This course is especially recommended for anyone looking to improve his or her creative skills. Participants will:

  • Learn the techniques that encourage one to move through the stages of the creative process.
  • Discover and practice the connection-making process common to vital historic breakthroughs.
  • Mobilize creative energy by transforming personal images and metaphors into new ideas.
  • Focus on actual problems and generate breakthrough solutions
  • Apply a system to synthesize criteria and generate multiple new ideas.

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Creativity Workshop #2:
Making Creativity Your Mission

This workshop enables participants to relate creativity and the creative process to their business environment. Participants will leave this session armed with an innovative mission statement and a plan for staying ahead of the competition.

  • Learn the stages of creativity and apply those stages to innovative thought.
  • Analyze creative thinking and your business.
  • Move forward with creativity in mind.
  • Identify your strengths over the competition.

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